Wednesday 21 November 2018

Quotes and Reviews

Sydney Morning Herald Australia

'It is a comment on Pete Hawkes that many of his songs are reminiscent of the great Nick Drake and John Martyn in their heydey. Secrets Vows and Lies is an outstanding recording' Bruce Elder.

Doug Porter UK, Folk On Magazine

'One of The most highly regarded,but little known US singer song writers was Danny O'Keefe, a man in the mould of the late Jimmy Buffet. One or two of you may have heard of these guys but speak to many of the more mature (shall we say) performers and they’ll go a bit mellow. From the first notes of Pete Hawkes album I too went mellow. There is much here to qualify Pete for this select club. He manages to cram so many moods and meanings in his work that its almost a relief when faced with a verse which only has one emotion in it.'

Dirty Linen Magazine USA

'Gorgeous acoustic guitar, songs tinged with melancholy, irony and passion. Hawkes is a refreshing find, a cut above the usual recordings'.

Jim Hancock - UK Folktalk

'First released in Australia this album is by one of that countries leading singer songwriter guitarists and is now available in the UK. The album comprises of 13 tracks ranging from a no -nonsense delta blues style to sophisticated instrumentals with cello, fiddle and harmonica; offered on an even mix of songs and instrumentals. First impressions are one of tremendous musicianship, whether it is the skilled slide playing on the blues tracks or the crisp precision on the contemporary pieces. Pete has a mastery of the guitar, which allows him to create the most delicate of moods. A rich smooth voice this album is a pleasure, but it is the guitar which lifts this album into the realms of the exceptional.'

Niche Records Australia

'A very special collaboration with Fairport’s Dave Swarbrick, the mood is immediately set by the rollicking opener 'ive changed my mind' followed by the popular Radio National track’ a housewife's lament' Accomplished folk-blues reminiscent of the early 70's players such as John Martyn, the vocal has an echo of Nick Drake at his best, while the impeccable guitar work brings to mind James Taylor or Luka Bloom. Sensitive production and string arrangements highlight Swarbricks virtuoso fiddle. which even at its peak fails to overshadow some impressive harmonica from the lesser-known Malcolm McDonald. Supremely listenable'.


With Witchcraft Pete Hawkes has once again proven that he has earned his place among the greatest composers of all time. Pete weaves a tapestry of passionate intricacy's in sounds and colours, wedding the rich sounds of a well tuned cello with the romance of Spanish influenced guitar, serenading violin and bass into their musical arms. There is not a single note out of place, nor one note more than is necessary to capture and hold the attention of the listener and to draw the listener deep into the impassioned heart of the music. The listener becomes as much a part of the composition as the instruments themselves. 
In the Labyrinth of Lady Laura the listener will find themselves wandering through the maze, negotiating twists and turns, making new discoveries, experiencing a heightened sense of awareness as the music weaves itself in and out of the Labyrinth of sounds.
Revelation of a Rubicon feels like questions and answers in the journey of self discovery, forcing the listener to examine their own choices in life, and seems to carry the message that one should not be seduced by old ways while waiting for the new to come in it's time.
Each time I listen to the music of Witchcraft I discover something not heard in previous listens, as if the music is being remixed, refined and rediscovered with each experience. Even the seeming discord of Covenant of the Coven is redefined with each listen, each thread of the piece finding its place naturally.
Witchcraft is a Masterpiece. - Nana Mex'

'Melancholy Cello

Melancholy Cello is a window into the soul of Pete Hawkes, and a reflection of the souls of all those who do battle with depression, desperation, loneliness, panic, separation from loved ones, or just the stress of everyday life. From the first touch of bow to string in "Moscow Gypsey" to the last cry of the cello fading into the distance at the finish of "An Emotional Winter," Pete plays not only on the strings of the Cello and the Guitar, but on the strings of the listeners heart. The chords become a sensual and soothing massage, working through the spiritual tensions that lock up the emotions. Melancholy Cello is not just music for the ears, it is medicine for the soul.

Both CD's may be heard IN FULL on Global Thunda Network - Nana Mex'


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