Tuesday 25 September 2018

Two new albums soon to be released

Two new albums soon to be released. In March we finalise ‘Colors’ my Jazz album.  As usual this has all orginals (and arrangement of ‘Summertime’). The Colors album tracks, each track label is a different color as I saw it in my head.

The recordings as usual come from all over the place, from Studio 52 in Melbourne, Red Planet Studios in Tasmania, Maestro Studio in St Kilda and at my mates silo house in the middle of nowhere in Grafton. I will be mastering the record in March at Studio 52. All of March is put aside for this and it will be ready on sale in April.

Players include Phil Emmanuel on electric, yours truly on all acoustic guitar and slide, and a wealth of talent from Australia. It features Cameron, one of the best flugelhorn players around and a couple of new fiddle players. The Jazz covers all types, cool, latin, acid, and as usual my acoustic is the bed rock behind the arrangements.  All compositions and arrangements by me. The other album is Russian music which is half finished.  This is a reflection of my time I spent in St Petersburg where I stayed for several months and played with the gypsies and Jazz musicans there.

Lots of touring at the moment, check out the gig guide! Phil and I are confirmed for the Bridgetown Blues Festival in WA, so that should be a blast.

No news from LA yet about some possible film scores, still waiting but a  new video will be out soon and I’ll be on Good Morning Australia sometime in May.

All albums are now available on itunes worldwide so don’t forget to have a look

Bye for now, love and peace

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